Rolf, a hemiplegic, speeds his days dozing on a sofa bed in his dusty apartment. On TV, he learns of a deadly pandemic sweeping around the globe. When his nurse stops visiting, Rolf realizes that his survival is anything but certain.

Year: 2021   
Country: CH   
Running Time: 23 Min.   
Director: Joël Jent, Ali Al-Fatlawi   
Author: Joël Jent   
Co-Author: Ali Al-Fatlawi   
Producer: Sophia Rubischung, Aaron Film   
Co-Producer: A Blink Film, Urakypost Film Production, Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion, Turnus Film, Fr?d?ric Gonseth Productions, Cin?dokk?   
Camera: Quinn Evan Reimann   
Editor: Jann Anderegg   
Sound: Mourad Keller, Ishmael Gresham, Kurt Human   
Music: Marcel Vaid   
Gaffer: Simon Wottreng   
Make-up: Melanie Rohr   
Set Designer: Michael Baumgartner, Fabian L?scher   
Cast: Manfred Liechti, Meret Bodamer, Alireza Bayram, Katze: Milow Miauni Milkyway