The blind ferryman Ayoub lives in the southern Iraqi marshes. He knows how to find his way around despite his lack of eyesight, earning his money by driving people and goods around the marshes.
In the evenings, he often enjoys a drink with his friends, talking about the mysteries of life until late into the night. One of these evenings, they are attacked by a group of religious radicals. Trying to escape, Ayoub is lost for the very fist time in his life.
He is rescued by a mysterious woman who disrupts his very existence. Captivated by her, his life revolves more and more around their secret encounters. Yet nobody believes him when he talks about her and rumors start to spread that he has lost his mind.
People no longer want to ride with him. Even his friends are distancing themselves. Thus Ayoub’s self-doubt grows until he no longer knows what is reality and what is imagination.
He finally decides to kill the mysterious woman to prove to those around him that he has not fallen into madness. But is it possible to kill what one believes in?

Year: 2024
Country: Iraq, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Qatar, Saudi Arabia.
Running Time: 90 Min.
Author & Director: Ali Al-Fatlawi
Co-writer: Joël Jent
Story by: Ali Al-Fatlawi
Producer: Samir
Production Manager: Sophia Rubischung.

Awards / Selections

  • SSA Société des Auteurs Suisse – Development Award 2020.
  • MAFF Swedish Film Institute – Development Fund 2020.
  • Doha Film Institute – Development Grant 2021.
  • El Gouna Film Festival – Springboard Award 2021.
  • Red Sea Film Festival – Development Grant 2021.
  • AFAC Arab Fund for Arts and Culture – Development Grant 2021.
  • Cannes Film Festival – Cinéfondation L’Atelier 2022.